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The mission of Cal-Bridge is to increase the number of California State University (CSU) students from traditionally underrepresented groups completing bachelors and PhD degrees in physics, astronomy, computer science and engineering, and other STEM fields. Applicants will be evaluated for admission into Cal-Bridge based on their academic ability and potential, motivation to attend graduate school, and demonstrated financial need. Students admitted to the program will become “Cal-Bridge Scholars”.

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Application Deadline Friday, Sep 25

Program Highlights

  • Scholarship* support for the final two years at a participating CSU, based on demonstrated financial need.
  • If enrolled in graduate school at a participating UC campus, an additional scholarship will be provided to help cover the cost of your first year of graduate school. This may be used to reduce your workload in the first year.
  • Mentoring from a CSU and UC faculty team.
  • Participation in professional development workshops geared toward success in completing undergraduate degree and entering Grad School.
  • Opportunities to participate in research with CSU and UC faculty.
  • Participation in STEM enrichment activities in a nurturing, friendly environment with other like-minded CSU and UC scholars.


*Cal-Bridge scholars will receive full scholarship support (up to $10,000) for up to their last two years of attendance at their home CSU institution, to the extent allowed by their demonstrated financial need as determined by the financial aid office at their home institution.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Cal-Bridge, an applicant must be:

  • Currently enrolled in a participating CSU or enrolled in a participating community college and transferring to a participating CSU in the coming Fall. 
  • Acceptance to Cal-Bridge is contingent on acceptance and enrollment to a participating CSU by the Fall of the Cal-Bridge application year.
  • Majoring in physics, astronomy, computer science or computer engineering.
  • Have an expected graduation date in the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Demonstrating academic ability or potential.
  • Motivated to attend graduate school to study physics, astronomy, computer science or computer engineering or related fields at a participating UC or another institution.

Application Information & Supporting Documents

  • Academic information
  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • Do not upload password-protected documents
  • Three short essays (250-500 words each)
  • Contact information of two (2) faculty members who will provide recommendation letters.
  • The two (2) faculty members providing letters for you must upload their letters themselves.
  • Financial aid awards are dependent on filing a FAFSA form prior to each academic year. Unless you are an international student, you must file your FAFSA or DREAM Act application for the coming academic year prior to the Cal-Bridge application deadline or as soon as possible thereafter. We are unable to provide any financial aid to students who have not completed the FAFSA application.
    • We strongly encourage all non-international applicants to fill out a FAFSA or DREAM Act application even if you don’t think you will qualify for aid. Even merit-based scholarships often require students have already completed the FAFSA or DREAM Act application.

Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible to receive financial aid, but non-citizens selected to be Cal-Bridge scholars may receive all the other benefits of the program. In addition, sometimes private donations make it possible to give financial aid to non-citizens, and all eligible students are encouraged to apply.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the web application or have questions, please send email to for assistance.