Illinois Institute of Technology, Biomedical Engineering

Research Experiences in Diabetes for Undergraduates (2016-06-30 - 2016-08-05)

General Info

In the Engineering Center For Diabetes Research and Education (ECDRE) researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) collaborate with basic scientists and clinicians applying engineering techniques towards the understanding and treatment of diabetes and its complications. The Biomedical Engineering Department at IIT and ECDRE provides the foundation for this 10-week summer program. Students will be paired with faculty to complete a diabetes related research project working with a faculty mentor from IIT. Diabetes is a complex disease that can lead to a number of health complications. The projects offered in this program reflect this diversity, with topics in biomaterials for islet cell encapsulation, models of glucose metabolism, imaging techniques for prognosis/diagnosis of disease, regeneration strategies for the treatment of ulcers and ischemic limbs and vascular changes in diabetic retinopathy.

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